The Brit sensation of Bingo is getting a facelift! Proper naughty night out with three rounds of bingo, a mixture of brit themed prizes from the good, to the bad, to the weird and a Spice Girls megamix. Bingo has never been so fun!

Number one, up yer bum! 69! Ooh matron.
25? Let’s pop on some Adele for a karaoke moment.

If you hate bingo, you’ll like this. If you love bingo, you’ll love this. Bring a squad and let’s get naughty with balls together.


WHERE: Koorliny Arts Centre, Theatre 1

SEATING: Reserved

RUNNING TIME: 60 minutes

WARNINGS: Strong language + sexual references

“You’re meant to be a little tipsy, having a great night on a weekend and just enjoying letting your hair down. The hosts of Britingo were exceptionally engaging and the audience interaction was perfect. We never quite knew what to expect, besides there would be numbers” ★★★★ Perth Happenings, 2021

“Fresh and cheeky. Who knew Bingo could be so much fun?” ★★★★ Fourth Wall, 2021

This performance is presented in accordance with the Western Australian Government’s easing of COVID-19 capacity restrictions. As a result, you may be seated with ticket holders from other households. Please continue to practise good hygiene habits and observe physical distancing where possible.