Image: Heidrun Lohr 

Josephine is a kangaroo – who loves to dance. Her little brother, Joey, tells her that kangaroos don’t dance, they hop – but Josephine continues to point her toes and leap through the air.

When a ballet troupe comes to the sleepy town of Shaggy Gully, Josephine learns that there is another way to dance – ballet. As the Ballet company prepares to perform, Josephine sneaks into town and peers through the window as the dancers rehearse. She desperately wants to dance like the ballerinas in pink tutus and silk ballet shoes. So who will the Ballet Company turn to when the prima ballerina twists her ankle and the understudy gets a splinter?

You can see what happens at the performance of Josephine Wants to Dance on July 21. But before you go, we asked Josephine some most important questions.

What are your 5 top ballet steps?

  • an Arabesque
  • a Grand Jete
  • a Pas De Chat
  • Couru/Bourree
  • a Developpe

What are your 5 favourite songs to dance to?

  • Jump (For My Love), The Pointer Sisters
  • Learn To Do It, Anastasia soundtrack
  • Canned Heat, Jamiroquai
  • ABC, The Jackson 5
  • Down Under, Men At Work

What are 5 things you wish people knew about kangaroos?

  • Kangaroos are great swimmers
  • They can’t move backwards (This is why it is featured on the Australian coat of arms; as a symbol of always moving forward
  • The Red kangaroo is the largest marsupial in the world
  • They can reach speeds of up to 70km/h
  • Female kangaroos can pause pregnancy (embryonic diapause), until the first Joey is ready to leave the pouch. They can also provide different types of milk from different teats for the different stages of the Joey’s development

What are your 5 favourite foods to eat?

  • Red roses
  • Moss
  • Young grass shoots
  • Pink Lamingtons
  • Vegies from Big Annie’s vegie patch

What are your 5 tips for people who want to follow their dream?

  • Don’t let other people discourage you from your dream
  • Always keep trying, even when it seems too hard
  • When you fall, make sure you hop back up again
  • Learn as much as you can from other people, and don’t be afraid to accept help from others
  • Enjoy the journey, including all of the ups and downs

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