Meet Erik G. Bibaeff, who will play Hoke Colburn in Driving Miss Daisy next month. Driving Miss Daisy is Erik’s first stage appearance. Twelve months ago, Erik was pumping liquid nitrogen on an oil and gas plant in Darwin and now he’s studying a Bachelor of Film at SAE Perth. We asked him some questions about his theatre experiences and Driving Miss Daisy.

Give us 5 reasons people should come to see Driving Miss Daisy.

  1. To see and be a part of such an important and beautiful story;
  2. Because Koorliny Arts Centre is such a great venue to enjoy the theatre;
  3. It’s a family friendly story and the kids will both love and learn from it;
  4. Suzannah Churchman is an award-winning actress and just fantastic to watch and Ben Small is really going to bring something special to the story;
  5. Aren’t you just a little intrigued how a film set almost entirely in a moving vehicle translates to an on-stage production?! Haha.

What are 5 things you like about Hoke Colburn’s character?

  1. His willingness to work as he gets older;
  2. His southern accent and sense of humour;
  3. His perseverance to work for Miss Daisy despite her discontent at the beginning of the story;
  4. His kind-hearted and loving nature;
  5. His love and care for Miss Daisy as she gets older and the story progresses.

What are 5 things you have learned about theatre since getting involved?

  1. How much having a good director can shape and make a play come to life;
  2. How different acting in a live production is to acting in film (there’s no second take, no chance to re-read your line before “action”);
  3. How amazing other actors and actresses are in the theatre industry;
  4. How much people really love going to theatre plays for entertainment;
  5. I am quickly realising how exciting it will be and what a privilege it will be to be on the stage.

Tell us 5 jobs you have done.

  1. U.S. Navy – I was a fighter jet (F/A-18C) Aircraft Mechanic on the nuclear aircraft carrier, USS Carl Vinson (CVN-70)
  2. WA PTA – Transit Officer on the Fremantle Line
  3. WA Police Officer (Constable) – I worked undercover, at the Perth Watch-house, bike patrol in the city then South-Metro Traffic
  4. Australian Army – Infantry Soldier (6RAR) – I deployed to Afghanistan in 2010 as part of Mentoring Task Force-1, Operation Slipper
  5. FIFO – Oil and Gas Industry – Test Technician, mainly working with liquid nitrogen.

What are the 5 things you’re learning at SAE?

  1. Directing – I had my directorial debut on a short film last month on location at The Brass Monkey in Perth and am currently 1st Assistant Director to the amazing Aminah Hughes on her latest Music Video project
  2. Filmmaking / Cinematography – I’ve had the opportunity to work with some of the latest and greatest technology and equipment including most recently the Sony FS7 and a SteadyCam with Body Rig (it was seriously cool!);
  3. Screenwriting – I’ve developed a bit of a love for storytelling since my course started – learning how to properly write a logline, beat-sheet, treatment, and screenplay;
  4. Editing – My greatest challenge so far has been learning Adobe Premiere Pro. I have always considered myself quite tech-savvy until I found myself in a class where everyone is at least 10 years younger than me and have been working with editing software since they were teens haha! I’m absolutely loving the challenge though!
  5. Time Management – I have always had great time management thanks to my diverse background but juggling a full-time course load, multiple volunteer positions, helping out with family and friends’ parties (you become photographer/videographer at every event once they know you’re studying it haha which I don’t mind at all it’s great practice!) and of course my rehearsals and script-study (memorising lines) for Driving Miss Daisy. This year has been my greatest Time Management Challenge yet and I’m loving it!


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