Katie Williams is one busy woman – one of those “how does she do it?” types. She’s playing Sherrie in our upcoming production of Rock of Ages;  she’s a health, beauty and lifestyle blogger and vlogger; and she teaches Musical Theatre classes to 5-13 year olds here at Koorliny on Saturdays.

We asked Miss Katie to take time out of her tremendously busy schedule for five minutes to ask her five most important questions:

1. What are your 5 favourite musicals?

These change all the time! At the moment I have to say – Rocky Horror Picture Show, Something Rotten, Anything Goes, Shrek, and White Christmas.

2. Which 5 characters from musicals would you invite over for dinner?
*Phil Davis (White Christmas)

* Donkey (Shrek)

* Lonny Barnett (Rock of Ages)

* Reno Sweeney (Anything Goes)

*Dolly Levi (Hello, Dolly).

3. What are your 5 favourite things about performing?
* Having the opportunity to become someone completely different for a while.

* Exploring who your character is.

* Testing yourself and pushing your boundaries.

* Working with other amazing and talented actors.

* The way you always learn something new about yourself in each show.

4.What are 5 things you’ve learnt in your life?
* Be yourself – everyone else is already taken

* Speak your mind

* Surround yourself with positive people – negativity breeds negativity and life is too short to live among it.

* Listen to your mother – seriously!

* Take care of yourself; mind and body – you can’t pour from an empty cup.

(I really want to tell you that my number one thing I’ve learnt in life is that ‘Tequila is always a good idea’ but since I’m teaching kiddies we might have to leave that one out, haha!)

5. What are your 5 tips for people who want to do musical theatre?

* Jump in, feet first, now. Waiting will get you nowhere so come join the party!

* Get comfortable with being uncomfortable. In theatre you play a character, not yourself, so get used to doing things that are out of your comfort zone (hint, these are usually the most fun things).

* Don’t be afraid of making a fool of yourself – go big or go home!

* Be prepared to work hard. Musical Theatre is a vocation that requires skill in acting, singing and dancing. Honing these skills takes time and a lot of work.

* Build up as many different skills as you can – various dance styles, tricks etc. Musical Theatre uses anything and everything to produce an amazing show.

“Music theatre and tap are easily my favourite dance styles, and once again I get to teach them to a whole new bunch of talented kiddies!”

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