Have yourself a Barry little Christmas – from The World Of Organs in the Sunnyside Mall Adelaide, Barry Morgan will put a smile on the face of your family this Christmas. He’s here at Koorliny on December 22 for a night of laughs, organ music, and more laughs and organ music.

We interrupted Barry’s tremendously busy Christmas, organ-rehearsing schedule for five minutes to ask him five most important questions:

1: What are your 5 favourite organ songs?

  • Time is Tight – Booker T
  • Baby Elephant Walk – The Home Organist Society
  • Swinging Safari – Gold Coast Players
  • Back At The Chicken Shack – Jimmy Smith
  • Organ Is Not A Dirty Word – Yours Truly & The Legendary Skyhooks

2: What are your 5 favourite words?

  • Shoppers
  • Touch
  • Release
  • Smile
  • Bex

3: What are 5 things you would like for Christmas?

  • To re-chrome the Toyota Crowne Royal Saloon
  • A new set of hot rollers
  • A family to adopt me
  • A gig with an orchestra
  • To Rap with Rappers over a Bossanova

4: Which 5 people would you invite to Christmas lunch?

  • Kylie Minogue
  • Your mum
  • Dame Edna
  • Mr Bean
  • The Lonely Goth next door

5: Which 5 pieces of advice would you give those who want to be a star like Barry Morgan?

  • Boogie to a Bossanova on a home organ
  • Put rings on all your fingers
  • Smile and frown exercises every morning in the mirror
  • Always pack a pair of walking socks
  • And above all, MAKE AN EFFORT 😎

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