We know dancers will relate to these posts more than non-dancers … but we maintain there’s something in them for everyone.


Sometimes you’ve just got to dance … whether you’re a dancer or not.


Of course, real dancers are always checking out other dancers. Rating their moves, rolling their eyes, doing the green-eyed monster …


“It doesn’t matter if it hurts like heck, just smile!” What if it’s a sad song?


Um … pretty sure this an all-female thing – the “they are not too small” jump and wiggle. 


You don’t have to be a dancer to have that one signature move.


‘Fess up. Who doesn’t slack off when the teacher’s not looking?


“How much longer to go …” and other random thoughts. Totally applies to meditation. And yoga. And work.



“Be cool, Honey Bunny. Be cool.”

Maybe this is a ballet thing, ’cause if I did that, I’d be like:


Heck, if you can wear heels, you’re a flipping goddess!


Introverts unite!


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